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What is Sheepcoin?

Sheepcoin is designed for international wholesale marketplace 'Membersheep'. After coin generation, millions of Membersheep orders will be traded with Sheepcoin.
  • Sheepcoin is applied to existing B2B E-Commerce platform
  • Sheepcoin uses blockchain technology to improve B2B e-commerce industry, order, payment, delivery and follow-up
  • Sheepcoin is borderless payment method that can mitigate foreign exchange risks

Key Indicators

4 Years

in trading industry


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Jeremy Kim


Serial entrepreneur. Studied business in Yonsei university, and worked for IT industry for 8 years. He made 3 in e-commerce field at Silicon Valley / Hong Kong / Shanghai. He has experience of working in Online Sales team for LVMH and Groupon before.

Jack Shi


More than ten years of experience in web and software project and five years of blockchain project. He was a senior project manager at Ping An Group in China. Representative projects include imported e-commerce blockchain platforms and Bank-Insurance Link blockchain projects.

Lin Long

Fullstack Developer

As a fullstack developer at Membersheep Company, He is in charge of Blockchain architect at distribution / forwarding system. He has worked as a team leader at Gcafe and Cleaning

Edison Zhu

Ethereum Architect

As a Ethereum Architect at Membersheep company, He is in charge of payment blockchain architecture. He has experience in develop Ethereum online wallet & blockchain point earning system by cryptocurrency exchange using Ethereum Web3 API.

James Park

Software Engineer

Studied information management in Peking university, and developed auto parts trading system for car's body in Volvo / GM / Hyundai. Afterwards he made B2B company called ETERCO in Beijing and sold it 2017. He worked at a subsidiary of Beijing Hyundai Motors group before.

Jincheng Zhou

Database Engineer

As software engineer at Membersheep Company, he is in charge of database of the Membersheep B2B platform. He has experience of managing core database at Pingan Insurance and total user management system at Logistics company.

Josh Woo


Studied law in China Renmin university, and worked as a consultant in Shanghai for global payment between abroad and China. Afterwards he made Pinmi in Shanghai, a blockchain based SCM company for Cross Border E-Commerce, and sold it in 2017.

Jun Jegal

Business Development

As a business developer at Membersheep, he is in charge of setting strategy. Majored business administrarion in Korea University, he has 6 years of experience in business strategy industry. In FMASSOCIATES, he worked as associate consultant for setting global HR strategy. In Kia Motors, he developed K-9 marketing


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